Xiaomi launches a new convection oven that you will want to have in your kitchen

Xiaomi presents the new MIJIA Smart Air Fryer 30L on its crowdfunding platforms in China, a connected and highly capable air oven that allows you to cook faster, easier and healthier.

already had Xiaomi another similar product like the Smart Air Fryer Pro 4L, and it seems that now the Haidian giant wants to expand its range of small appliances with another air oven which in your case is not so small.

In fact it is that this MIJIA Smart Air Fryer 30L which is already available on the platforms of crowdfunding from Xiaomi in China, has a not inconsiderable volume of 30 literswith which you to five layers that can be operated at the same time for baking and cooking.

Xiaomi MIJIA Smart Air Fryer 30L

Xiaomi’s new air oven, with a capacity of 30 liters, is now available in China.

According to datasheets published by Xiaomi three layers are for baking and two more layers allow cooking in this deep fryer, the top layer of which can expel hot air with a fan up to 2000 rpmin addition to setting up other six tubes that help circulate warm air perfect for all parts of the oven.

The design is like all Xiaomi products, very white, very simple, very minimalist and very functionalwithout bandages and with everything necessary to present the product what the user expects at a very reasonable price. This has always been the DNA of Lei Jun’s company.

In the following gallery you can see the images published in China:

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As GizmoChina told us, in this MIJIA Smart Air Fryer 30L there is no need to turn the food to let it cook, well the six cooking tubes are strategically placed at the top and bottom so that the heat is distributed everywhere without major complications.

In addition, when the oven cooks with high-speed air, the appliance is able to: improve food degreasing by up to 15%help to make food crispier and healthier, with a low fat content.

The oven reaches temperatures up to 220 degrees Celsiushas a 1.32-inch OLED screen in the intuitive control button and with two touch keys we can modulate the operation of the device in a very simple way. It even has independent temperature control for above and below thanks to two NTC probes, individually adjustable to prevent our food from burning or browning more on one side than on the other.

It is a very capable oven, with individual temperature control in the upper and lower part and different operating modes, also connected and with the possibility to open recipes in the cloud… And it only costs about 130 euros!

And as you would expect from a high-end Xiaomi product, It has NFC connectivity and access to recipes in the cloudvoice control via Xiao AI and platform support online MIJIA from the Chinese giant.

Finally, you need to know to convince yourself that it also has other additional operating modes such as fermentation, heat preservation, food defrosting, etc…

How much is it? Well, in China, the MIJIA Smart Air Fryer 30L has set its prices at 899 yuan, about 130 euros at the current exchange ratealthough a period of discounts has been open for early birds that allows Chinese users to buy it for 749 yuan, or whatever is the same, about 106 euros more than attractive.

If you want one too, get in line and arm yourself with patiencebecause it will certainly take a long time to reach the official Xiaomi stores in Spain.

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