With this product from Leroy Merlin you can save on your electricity and gas bills

The energy price is at an all-time high and our wallets are noticing it more and more, that’s why consumers are looking for other alternatives to heat their homes this winter and pellet stoves are number 1. However, this situation causes a rise in the price of pellets as well, a situation that worries many begins to cause and which causes it to begin to jeopardize the supply of this fuel.

Leroy Merlin is aware of the need to find a solution to the shortage of pellets and therefore offers its customers a wood-burning stove that will also help us improve the energy efficiency of our home. Do you want to know more about this product? Then read on.

The wood-burning stove by Leroy Merlin

As you know, Leroy Merlin It is one of those stores that always offers us the latest products for the home. Not only in relation to decorative solutions for it, but also in what has to do with devices that allow us improve the efficiency of our home.

In this case, the leading company in the DIY sector has brought a product that helps to make one of the most urgent needs your customers currently have: to get reduce the amount of your electricity and gas bills. For this reason, the brand has offered for sale a wood-burning stove of the Tara Eco brand that we can offer for a price of only 439 €, is one of the products of this range with the best value for money.

This 8kW wood burning stove is designed for: rooms up to 48 square meters and it has a rated power of 6 kW, which will help us to heat the rooms evenly with a performance of 84%.

When it comes to looks, this model is: Made of black cast iron so it combines perfectly with any type of decoration and measures 38.3 x 85.8 x 37.7 cm. In addition, it has a ceramic glass door which can withstand temperatures up to 700º C, smoke vent on the top and a front door for loading fuel.

Another of the most remarkable features of this model is that: It has an airflow regulator with which we can adjust combustion and power. This way we can better regulate the temperature we want in the house.

Finally, as for the fuel that we can use for this model, we can choose: low ash firewood such as oak or birch. An excellent alternative to the famous pellet stoves that are becoming more and more fashionable and consequently increasing in price.

As you can see, this is a very interesting product that can help us reduce the energy consumption of our house in the light of winter. Something that has become a priority in most homes due to the rise in electricity and gas prices.

All you have to do is go to a Leroy Merlin or take a look at their online store to buy it there, the shipping costs are free. What are you waiting for to buy your wood-burning stove?

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