What is the relationship between emotions and healthy food?

Why wrong nutrition changes the hormonal functioning of the body and brain and causes disorders.

Q: I need to lose weight because of heart problems and high blood pressure, but I’ve been on many diets with no lasting results. I am 53 years old and have a complicated life. I would really appreciate your opinion. Lionel J. Coruchi, The Silver

Everyone has to eat to live: without eating well or without eating healthy and varied food, it is not possible to have physical and mental health.

But eating is not just eating food, but is intertwined with the emotional life. For example, when a baby is breastfed, he doesn’t just get milk: he gets too notices that the unpleasant feeling of hunger disappears, feels a warm contact with his mother, sees words, looks, smiles, kisses, pampering and attention.

In other words, he is not only nourished, but is also connected to his mother, who in his personal development takes on a predominant significance for that psyche in formation.

When a baby is breastfed, he not only gets milk: he also feels the contact with his mother. / Clarin archive

in social life there is the association between “celebrating, eating and drinking”, easy to check in shared dinners with couples or friends, at baptisms, communions or wedding banquets, at business lunches, anniversaries, farewell gatherings, closing conferences, company closings.

much more than food

Anyway, It is not the same to share a fine meal with one who is unbearable than a simple meal with another pleasant one. (Hence the saying “With you, bread and onion.”)

Just as eating implies multiple meanings beyond the diet, the same thing happens with not eating. Since always, all societies have had clear prohibitions regarding the intake of certain foods and/or on certain dates, usually of religious origin.

Thus, Buddhists can only eat fish, but no animal flesh; Hindus are not allowed to eat beef; the Jews, pork. Also fasting is present in almost all religions whose purpose is penancethe sacrifice or express rejection of the material.

There is the association between

There is the association between “celebrate, eat and drink”, easily verified in shared dinners with couples or friends. Illustrative photo: pxhere.

At present, religious criteria are added to other values ​​imposed by society, which are: have significant influence on the minds of certain people and it is in this day and age that eating disorders are more common (obesity, anorexia nervosa, bulimia and others not well specified).

Probably also because of the design of mental schemes related to body aesthetics and the search for social acceptance through a physical modelassociated with emotional conflict.

It can be argued that as long as the latter remain unresolved, denied or hidden, the feeding process will be seriously compromised. Hence the frequent failure of the most varied diets.

Everyone has to eat to live: without eating well or without eating healthy and varied food, it is not possible to be physically and mentally healthy.

Norberto Abdala, psychiatrist

wrong diet changes the hormonal functioning of the body and brain affective disorders, anxiety, obsessive thoughts, compulsive behavior. And the reverse also applies.

For many, food is poor relief from anxiety, depression, shame, or guilt; for others, food is a symbol of the love they lack and for some food is the nourishment they need to live and be healthy.

The more emotional a person is, the greater the lack of control over the amount and frequency of their meals.Therefore, good or bad food will ultimately be the result of emotional or unconscious meanings that are always very present and active and need to be addressed.


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