They arrest the doctor who signed the injured girl’s death at the Termens campsite | New web diary

A doctor from Las Termas de Río Hondo was arrested a few moments ago for entering the CIS of said city, where he does not hold any functions, and proceeded to sign the death certificate of the 11-year-old girl who died, this Thursday in the morning, at a campsite in the town of Isla de los Castillo, despite the fact that Drs. Carlos Vega and Ignacio Guzmán – representatives of the Public Prosecution Service – had ordered the accompanying autopsy.

From the hospital, they warned prosecutors about the actions of the doctor Luis Alberto Llanos, who was charged with the crime of ideological forgery of a public instrument, and ordered that he be detained, a measure that has already been carried out by police personnel.

The accident

The tragic incident took place this morning when students from La Salette School, from Las Termas de Río Hondo, were on a field trip to an estate on the Isla de los Castillos.

There, teachers and children took part in various activities, including zipline jumping. No one could have imagined the accident that was about to happen.

When it was the turn of one of the girls, 11 years old and a resident of the Center neighborhood of the resort, her harness came loose and she fell into the void. The severity of the impact was such that his body could not withstand the injuries and he died in the process.

She was rushed to the Termas Comprehensive Health Center where they found the little girl had no vital signs as she had lost all life.

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