‘Everyone talks about football, medicine and safety, and most of them don’t know anything’

‘Everyone talks about football, medicine and safety, and most of them don’t know anything’

He responded for the failures in Cristina Kirchner’s custody on the day of the attack. On José Luis Espert’s request for a “bullet” to stop the protests, he said “there are idiots everywhere”. The Minister of National Security, Hannibal Fernandezreferred again this Saturday to attack on Cristina Kirchner and answered the criticism that fell on … Read more

what is it and what are the exercises to train anywhere

Calisthenics is a training method in which you mainly train with your own body weight. Calisthenics has been fashionable in recent years and the circuits in parks where you can practice this type of training that does not require specific equipment and where many muscle groups are trained at the same time. Víctor Díaz, personal … Read more

Cuadros will be the first municipality to vote on a motion to give León its own faculty of medicine

Image of the shield of the city of Cuadros on the facade of the town hall. The Independent Association of Staff, led by the city’s mayor, Marcos Martínez, is fully implementing the proposal based on the citizen’s need, urgency, capacity and demand to accommodate this faculty The municipality of Cuadros will be the first in … Read more

Medical student to Díaz-Canel: “You have no morals”

Fifth-year medical student and native of Guantánamo, Cinthia Matos Benítez, criticized Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel for his inability to ensure the well-being of the Cuban people: “you have no morals”told him. Tired of political propaganda, Matos lashed out at the president for imposing a political ideology instead of “prioritise the well-being of your people, their … Read more

The PP in Huesca will ask in the next municipal plenary meeting the implementation of the full degree of medicine on the Huesca campus

The PP Popular Party Group of the Huesca City Council will request the implantation of the full degree of medicine on the university campus of Huesca in the next municipal plenary meeting. The ‘popular’ have explained in a press release that, in addition to the ‘historic’ nature of that petition, ‘theacute shortage of doctors and … Read more

from individual potential to the strength of an alliance of territories

There is currently no doubt that personalized medicine is one of those health-related sectors in which: technology, research and innovation will play a more important role. There is no region that does not work in a more or less sophisticated way to equip its health system – whose management is devolved to the regional governments … Read more

Home cures and medicines: “Why not accept that suggestion is positive?” – A morning for all Rosario – A morning for all Rosario

“People, all of us, have a reality principle: we observe what happens to us after treatment, and if it didn’t work, it would already be gone. Suggestion? Yes, of course, but why not accept that the suggestion is positive? That sentence sums up the vision of Roberto Campos Navarro, a Mexican with extensive academic training, … Read more