The story of the incredible six-wheel hybrid car that was made in a lawnmower factory

It is a prototype that was produced in the late 1970s, long before the Toyota Prius appeared. It still works and Jay Leno tested it. Because of the name and relevance of the company, many think of the 1997 Toyota Prius as the first hybrid-powered car ready to hit the road. But the truth is … Read more

why cases are increasing, neck warning signs and how to live without the “butterfly”

It’s not one of the most talked about and that’s why many people don’t even know about it, but more than 4,000 new cases are registered in the country every year. thyroid cancer. And its incidence is increasing. They are tumors that usually go unnoticed because they do not cause pain. Therefore, on the eve … Read more

8 frequently asked questions for the cardiologist

Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death in Argentina and in the world. For this reason, prevention, recognition of alarm symptoms, rapid response to emergencies and adequate approach and control of people with pathologies that endanger the heart (but also the brain) are given an important importance. And in that regard, information is key. … Read more

Patagonia founder gives up his business

Half a century after the founding of the outdoor sportswear brand Patagonia, Yvon Chouinardthe eccentric mountaineer who accidentally became a billionaire with his unconventional approach to capitalism, gave up his business. Rather than sell the company or go public, Chouinard, his wife, and their two adult children transferred their property in Patagonia, worth approximately $3 … Read more

People, health and well-being are at the heart of the new work environment | productivity

Do you want to know how NFON helps with digital transformation processes? read his blog Together with Statista Q, NFON produced the ‘Well-being and working from home 22’ survey, which examines the many stressors and conditions associated with working from home, aspirations for job change and trends towards self-medication. According to Christian Montag, professor of … Read more