Do not put money on FIXED TERM without knowing this important information

With the aim of enticing savers, the government increased the interest paid by bank deposits, in a context of rising inflation. Therefore, the debate that is beginning to arise among investors is: know whether it is better to make a traditional fixed term or if it is better to establish a UVA fixed termthat is … Read more

Toyota Etios auctioned at unusual prices: how to enter?

The auction site Narvaezbid auctions several vehicles, including these makes and models. How to participate and until when Through iProfessional 22/09/2022 – 19.15 hours The online site specialized in Narvaezbid auctions presented two new auctions at very low prices. These are two Toyota Etios cars (2015 and 2016 models) and the requirements are accessible: be … Read more

Digital dollar in Argentina: have banknotes?

Savers, investors and freelancers now have a new way to exchange their cryptocurrencies without losing privacy and safe Although the prices of major cryptocurrencies are far from the records of a year ago, become popular as a way to saveespecially in countries with high inflation and controls on the purchase of foreign currencies, such as … Read more

bank studies that cancel the plastic

The initiative by one of the largest banks in the world is well received by merchants, as it would reduce the payment of high commissions to 0%. Through Ruben Ramallo 23/09/2022 – 10.56hs Jamie Dimon, The CEO of the largest bank in the US often comes up with new ideas that, when realized, will revolutionize … Read more

The family that runs the oil trade is investing heavily in WINE

Last name Urquia is closely related to Argentine agribusiness: the family, originally from Córdoba, led by Roberto Urquía, commands the General Deheza Oil Group (AGD)one of the giants when it comes to the production and export of oils and grains. According to data published by the company, three out of every ten liters of bottled … Read more

Pay from $72,900 for a round-trip ticket to Miami

Smiles Argentina offers an offer that allows you to take advantage of your Argentine Pesos to spend tickets to highly sought-after destinations Through iProfessional 22/09/2022 – 07.57 hours Smiles Argentina offers an offer that allows you to take advantage of your Argentine Pesos to spend tickets to highly sought-after destinations at much more favorable values. … Read more

Osde members demanded better care in Tandil, which suffers from specialists desertion in its medical card – El Eco

A group of women affiliated with the prepaid Osde in the city gathered on the doorstep of the building that houses the social work in Santamarina 451, to expose a claim they have been making for several months, about the cutback of some specialist medical care, as well as the suggestions of the employees of … Read more

how to withdraw money from ATM without card

Unlike other countries, such as the United States, in Argentina de cash is the “king” to execute trades. Although the card payments Yes Bank transfers gain ground, the cash is still the main form of payment, so it is very common to see long lines in the ATMs. That’s how important the cash, many people … Read more

How Much Money Can You Make With $80,000?

Rising inflation rates and the new rise in the interest paid with fixed terms, they make savers come to see this instrument as the main alternative to protect the purchasing power of their money. One of the largest private banks in the country is the BBVAthat’s why iProfessional calculates how much you can earn right … Read more

Where do you buy the cheapest dollar?

A lot of Argentine savers tends to lean hoarding dollars as one of the ways cope with inflation. This, added to cultural factors, causes many people to seek out get rid of the weights quick and go to the US currency. Where do you buy the cheapest dollar? Currently, the cheapest dollar is the official … Read more