Do not put money on FIXED TERM without knowing this important information

Do not put money on FIXED TERM without knowing this important information

With the aim of enticing savers, the government increased the interest paid by bank deposits, in a context of rising inflation. Therefore, the debate that is beginning to arise among investors is: know whether it is better to make a traditional fixed term or if it is better to establish a UVA fixed termthat is … Read more

🔴 Blue dollar and dollar LIVE today: how much are they trading for this Friday, September 23

The dollar blue rises $2 this Friday, September 23, and trades at $284 for the buy and $288 for sale in the city of Buenos Aires. The previous day it was $2 lower. So the hole with the wholesale dollar it is at 98%. The blue dollar sells for $288 Meanwhile, the official dollar (without … Read more

Soy Dollar: The Central Bank Reached A Figure It Didn’t Reach 11 Years Ago

The Central Bank (BCRA) on Thursday, US$3,000 million in foreign exchange purchases crossed for the first time in a month since there has been a record-breaking operation of this type, driven by the extraordinary liquidation of the soybean complex. Specifically, the monetary authority closed its participation in the trading market with net purchases of US$340 … Read more

Where do you buy the cheapest dollar?

A lot of Argentine savers tends to lean hoarding dollars as one of the ways cope with inflation. This, added to cultural factors, causes many people to seek out get rid of the weights quick and go to the US currency. Where do you buy the cheapest dollar? Currently, the cheapest dollar is the official … Read more

4 factors that would make it soar this week

The dollar blue It ended Friday with a price quote of $273 to buy and $277 to sell, up slightly from the $274 it registered at the start of the week. The casual ticket had hit $285 in early September, then dropped to $270, only to regain ground later amid swings that marked a kind … Read more

the price of September 16, 2022

The trading market underwent changes that stimulated the prices of financial dollars. The BCRA ruled yesterday that those who have applied for and obtained subsidies on gas, electricity or water tariffs will not be able, while having the advantage “to access the foreign exchange market to allow human persons to buy foreign currency for the … Read more