The troubling prepaid data they’re “losing” for from public hospitals

EXCLUSIVE SUBSCRIPTIONS Complaints about delays in seeing private doctors are on the rise. Clarín discovered that in some specialties you can get your turn earlier in a state center. There is no one in the nearest office, in the second, ‘Doctor has a closed agenda for new patients until 2023’, and in the third “the … Read more

The alarm returns for the disease that worried Ginés more than Covid

EXCLUSIVE SUBSCRIPTIONS It’s dengue. Why next summer the Aedes aegypti mosquito could be a threat. On the day the Mabxience laboratory opened in Garín, which would later become the regional production facility for the AstraZeneca vaccine, hardly anyone in Argentina was talking about Covid. It was February 20, 2020 and there was still a month … Read more

Why do I wake up with a headache?: causes and how to relieve them

Q: In the morning I wake up with a headache. What could be the causes? It is a common questionwhich is repeated not only in the questions of various readers writing to the Questions to the Good Life channel and in Internet search engines, but also in the offices of clinical doctors and neurologists. To … Read more

They find an electric Corvette made by Motorola over 30 years ago

It stood in a shed and was used for experiments. It appeared just before the arrival of the Corvette plug-ins. It all happened in an old warehouse in Illinois, United States. A motoring journalist was on the trail of a Beijing Jeep, but in the search he found something far more valuable, destined for oblivion … Read more

why cases are increasing, neck warning signs and how to live without the “butterfly”

It’s not one of the most talked about and that’s why many people don’t even know about it, but more than 4,000 new cases are registered in the country every year. thyroid cancer. And its incidence is increasing. They are tumors that usually go unnoticed because they do not cause pain. Therefore, on the eve … Read more