Why do I wake up with a headache?: causes and how to relieve them

Q: In the morning I wake up with a headache. What could be the causes? It is a common questionwhich is repeated not only in the questions of various readers writing to the Questions to the Good Life channel and in Internet search engines, but also in the offices of clinical doctors and neurologists. To … Read more

how patients lived in a therapeutic community of “La Razón de Vivir”

It is that of Florencio Varela, where about 50 people stayed. Official sources said the site was in “deplorable condition”. Overcrowding, mattresses on the floor and only one bathroom. They are the conditions in which the prisoners lived in at least one of ‘s therapeutic communities “The Reason to Live”. This was disclosed by official … Read more

why cases are increasing, neck warning signs and how to live without the “butterfly”

It’s not one of the most talked about and that’s why many people don’t even know about it, but more than 4,000 new cases are registered in the country every year. thyroid cancer. And its incidence is increasing. They are tumors that usually go unnoticed because they do not cause pain. Therefore, on the eve … Read more