Sáenz Peña: An informative lecture was held on blood donation for medical students

An informational talk on blood donation and bone marrow donor registration was held this Friday morning at the Universidad Nacional del Chaco Austral for medical students from Uncaus. This activity was organized by the Hemotherapy Service of the Hospital 4 de Junio.

dr. Ivonne Duarte and the technician Cecilia Ross provided all the necessary information in this regard. They were accompanied by Uncaus medical student Karen Álvarez, who practices her professional practice.

Promoter Marian Ambrosini, a bone marrow transplant patient, who briefed attendees about her experience, was also on hand for the occasion.

Medical students carefully followed the presentation of the professionals and evacuated all their doubts.

This activity was conducted to commemorate the fact that September 17 last year was World Bone Marrow Donor Day, a date set by the World Association of Bone Marrow Donor Registries (WMDA) for the purpose of thanking the world’s donors, raising awareness about celebrate the positive impact of transplants on every patient, second chances in life.

Finally, the professionals reminded that to be a bone marrow donor, interested parties must register, donate blood, be between 18 and 40 years old, weigh more than 50 kilograms and be in good health.

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