Medical student to Díaz-Canel: “You have no morals”

Fifth-year medical student and native of Guantánamo, Cinthia Matos Benítez, criticized Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel for his inability to ensure the well-being of the Cuban people: “you have no morals”told him.

Tired of political propaganda, Matos lashed out at the president for imposing a political ideology instead of “prioritise the well-being of your people, their health, their medicines, their surgeries and resources to save their lives.”

Victim of the sanitary collapse in Cuba, the young woman, who has been admitted to the heart center in Santiago de Cuba for nine months, waiting for surgery and living from the foreign solidarity, believed that “everyone should think and act as they see fit, without committing a crime. Politics in a city should be optional, not mandatory.”

On the criteria of social well-being and how to achieve it, I add: “A prosperous city needs jobs and fair salaries, not a roundtable where the problems of others are analyzed more than their own”he pointed out, referring to the world where official discourse is concerned with issues of other countries, such as the United States, rather than trying to discuss and solve domestic problems.

As the text progresses, it becomes clear that Matos’s criticism has been directed at the official campaign to adopt the Family Code, arguing that it will guarantee more rights for all, while recognizing the rights of vulnerable groups, who are traditionally degraded .

However, Matos mentions other forms of vulnerability and abandonment, that of children and that of retirees.

“Children need to be happy, they need toys, they need sweets, they need good nutrition. They don’t have to be like Che.”he said, adding that retirees need a pension that allows them to live the rest of their lives worry-free, rather than “selling peanuts or candy to eat.”

Facebook Capture / Cinthia Matos

In a general sense, he claimed that the peoples need “freedom of speech, self-determination and human rights, not four news programs full of lies and inflated data.”

The young woman also pointed out that a city that needs a foreign currency in order to eat as a person is a city that is plunged into misery and failure. Likewise, I point to the instability that exists and the lack of a future in Cuba.

At the end, he declared himself against the family code, assuring that: Cubans “need change”.

Cinthia waited months for a stent for her heart because the country didn’t have one and she couldn’t buy it. After complaints in social networks, the Ministry of Health acquired the device.

She finally had surgery in June and the stent was placed, although this is only a first step to access another surgery that is more complex and could really correct the heart failure she is suffering from.

In anticipation of this, he sticks to the treatment, the drugs of which are not always available. Two months ago, he denounced the absence of the drug Clopidogrel, which he must consume daily to improve his quality of life.

The drug was not available in the public system, but on the black market it is sold for 200 pesos.

“How is it possible, President of my country, that I now have no medicine to take if we are a medical power? … We do not want to continue in misery, we do not want to be led anymore”, questioned when.

In the middle of this month, BioCubaFarma’s president, Eduardo Martínez Díaz, said during an appearance on the television program Mesa Redonda that Cuba does not have the funding or the resources to obtain raw materials necessary for the production of drugs, which amounts to the 94% of the violations.

According to data from the National Office of Statistics and Information of Cuba (ONEI) last year, coinciding with the shortage of drugs and the coronavirus pandemic in Cuba, public health investments amounted to less than 1% of the country’s income.

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