Malargüe attending the Interinstitutional Conference on the Exercise of the Rights of People with Disabilities – Malargüe Municipality

There they generated projects and made progress in the field of disability.

Conferences held in the provincial legislature with the presence of different authorities from different institutions that have addressed different issues through an inter-institutional working table called “Derribando Barreras”.

The conference was organized in three exhibition panels, deepening the work and actions of the institutions participating in this inter-institutional table; the legislative proposals (already adopted and pending) with the greatest impact or implication with regard to the work of the table, and finally the various associations of deaf and non-governmental organizations “Violence against deaf women” and forms of guidance, as well as the concerns, needs and interests of the deaf community.

The deputy Daniela García opened the act, saying: “For me it is an honor to receive the inter-institutional table to generate projects and promote problems with disabilities. As a legislator and precisely in diversity and plurality, we believe it is the right environment to hold these kinds of conferences”

He added that “we believe this is the place to talk about the projects and policies that are being worked on across all institutions for greater accessibility and inclusion.” The activity has been declared important to the House of Representatives at the request of Deputy García, who indicated in this regard that “on this multisectoral day, the aim is to promote the joint work between the different and multiple areas of action, planning and management of the state ”.

In this regard, he added that “The World Health Organization (WHO) defines hearing loss (DA) as hearing loss greater than 25dB decibels, a unit used to describe the relationship between two values ​​of sound pressure, or voltage and electrical power—this concept encompasses hearing loss, deafness and professional deafness”.

“Significant hearing loss can affect driving performance and safety. It is usually accompanied by limitations in daily activity, which affect communication skills and interaction with the environment, with significant physical, psychological and economic consequences,” he said.

Given all this, “we start from the basics that words configure realities, how naming in one way and not another explains the respect or contempt we have for something or someone. In the case of people with disabilities and language there is a lot to correct and learn. The decision of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) on the term “disability” is a good initiative and an impetus for reflection”

International Day of the Deaf

The last Sunday of September is commemorated every year, the International Day of the Deaf. This date was chosen by the World Federation of the Deaf (KRW) to raise awareness of the specific needs of the deaf and the importance of creating programs that enable their inclusion in all areas of society.

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