Lambán sees “timely” to open a new faculty of medicine at San Jorge University

Aragon’s president, Javier Lambán, is clear that the health crisis, and especially the lack of professionals, cannot be solved from a “business” perspective, otherwise health is doomed to collapse. For this reason, it has transferred its support to the proposal of San Jorge University to open a new faculty of medicine in Zaragoza.

Seeking this honor of new toilets, the head of the Executive Board himself called on the two universities UZ and USJ to “roll up their sleeves” at the opening of the academic year to solve the problem. “I think it’s a timely request that I encouraged myself,” he said.

Lambán did not narrow this question down to university. There is, in his opinion, another “bottleneck” that does not allow the entry of new toilets into the market, such as allowing the increase of MIR places in hospitals. And it doesn’t limit it to Aragón either, as it has pushed for its initiative for an inter-community pact for the “efficiency and sustainability of public health.” In this sense, he has acknowledged taking the first steps by holding talks with regional leaders, albeit without giving more details.

The Aragón Primary Care Plan 2022-2023 has also had its place in the debate in the Cortes. The spokesman for Ciudadanos, Daniel Pérez Calvo, has referred through a parliamentary question to the 5.5 million that Pedro Sánchez announced in Zaragoza among the 172 for the whole country.

Likewise, he wanted to know whether Community criteria such as “aging, dispersion” and the concentration of the population around Zaragoza were taken into account. These funds, the president said, had already been announced and planned. In fact, the Health Minister, Sira Repollés, has already given details of its distribution in the last Permanent Commission.

This distribution, referred to by the chairman of the Executive, concerns a total investment of 21 million, of which 8.6 million from own resources and 11.6 million from co-financed. The 5.5 announced by Sánchez is the investment for 2022 and two more will be added in 2023. They, in turn, are divided into two items, one for purchasing equipment and one for speeding up administrative processes.

Álvaro Sanz (IU) clashes with Lambán for fracking

Izquierda Unida, through her spokesperson, Álvaro Sanz, has expressed to Lambán her “deep unease” at the implementation of climate change policies. In particular, they criticized the “will” of Vice President and Minister of Industry, Competitiveness and Business Development, Arturo Aliaga, to open the doors to hydrocarbon mining and fracking in Aragon.

At least, that’s what they think he handed it over to Teresa Ribera at the Energy Sector Conference, something the president has “absolutely” denied. The discussion does not end there, as Sanz has protested that the DGA does not take into account the agreements, partly before the inauguration, on sustainability and the fight against climate change. At a “key” time to address the issue, he said, the four-party must cast “a single vote” and address structural issues.

With the law as the limit, Lambán has reiterated that taking action in the field of energy, and in particular “what has to do with gas, is timely”. Talking about it, he concluded, does not seem to him to be “a sin, but rather a pure exercise in realism”.

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