J balvin launched a wellness and mental health app called ‘OYE’

reggaeton J Balvin launched a mobile application that seeks to help maintain emotional well-being of people, and it also supports your creativity.

The application consists of a ‘creative well-being’ tool, through which it identifies emotions, helps to plan emotional transformation goals and uses people’s creative potential to achieve emotional balance, optimal physical condition and also relationships in their daily routines.

The ‘OYE’ app is a dream come true for J Balvinof which Mario Chamorro, the CEO, and Patrick Dowd, who acts as COO, are co-founders.

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“After the pandemic, the youth of the world are actually all very exhausted. Anxiety, depression and the feeling of being lost in life are now very common,” said the Paisa singer.

J Balvin added: “I experienced them myself and learned that through meditation, movement and connection, it is possible to feel better and be creative again. ‘OYE’ is an app that improves people’s well-being, empowers them to be present, harness their emotional and mental superpowers, and follow their light.”

Creative wellness content was led by the ‘Oye’ Wellness Council, which is also chaired by Mari Sierra, Mexican wellness leader and mind-body connection expert.

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Psychologist Carlos López and a community of Latin American innovators also participated in the creation of this app, which offers unique perspectives and creative wellness practices, inspired by their experience as healers, teachers and professional artists.

What will you find in ‘OYE’?

The content of the app includes an emotional control tool to identify and name your emotions, it also has creative wellness videos to turn your emotions into creative actions.

The app also has recommended content based on emotional state and sets personal goals to transform your emotions over time, and a generative art section to track your personal growth.

Also, in ‘OYE’ you will find wellness notifications to encourage perseverance, self-love And the responsibility.

“From Latin America to the world, we are building a community of people and partners who recognize the importance of connecting inner work, well-being and human potential,” said Mario Chamorro, CEO and co-founder of OYE.

Subscription to ‘OYE’ starts at $4.99 per month in the United States, about 23,000 Colombian pesos.

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