Hospitals in Corrientes where the use of a chin strap is still mandatory

The Paso de los Libres and Mercedes hospitals confirmed the continuity of the mandatory chinstrap outside the provincial decree. They support the importance of protecting against viral circulation in times of pandemic.

The Las Mercedes hospital in the city of the same name reported yesterday that the use of the mask remains necessary. “It communicates that within hospital facilities, the use of the chinstrap remains necessary and mandatory,” they claimed.

“Especially in closed spaces,” she added. The measure applies to all people entering the hospital. “In the interest of our patients and all staff, we will continue to look after each other,” they concluded.

The situation is similar in Paso de los Libres. The San José Hospital reported that its use will be especially needed in patients with respiratory symptoms. “They must wear masks that cover the mouth and nose at all times,” they clarified.

Meanwhile, in the cases of patients without respiratory symptoms, they clarified that “they must wear a mask during outpatient medical care and/or conducting examinations. It is very important to continue to respect social distancing,” they concluded.

It should be noted that Provincial Government Decree 2601/22 states that the use of the chinstrap is optional in people who do not have respiratory complaints. The new regulation states that in the institutions – as in the health institutions – the definition was left to the health authorities.

In addition, the director of Epidemiology of Corrientes, Angelina Bobadilla, confirmed to El Litoral that the measure also applies to public transport, so there is no need to travel by bus in the province.


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