Vulnerable mental health ages much more than smoking

And study conducted by scientists from the United States and China showed that having a mental health vulnerable, determined by factors such as loneliness or unhappiness, older than the to smoke. According to the researchers, molecular damage is cumulative and contributes to the development of frailty and severe disease with the aging. In some people … Read more

Environment, animal welfare and health reduce meat consumption

More than half of Spanish consumers (58%) have reduced red meat consumption, while almost a quarter (24%) have completely given up on it in the last five years for environmental, animal welfare or health reasons. This is evident from a study into meat consumption and attitudes towards sustainable proteins, conducted in various European countries (Spain, … Read more

Transforming access to health and wellness at work

Health means making decisions and knowing who to ask to be well-informed, said Javier Cardona, founder and CEO of the telemedicine and wellness company 1DOC3, opening the third edition of Wellbeing Talks, a gathering that brings business executives and executives from Mexico. brought together. to exchange ideas and strategies related to well-being and productivity at … Read more

Did the Nazis contribute to medicine?

In his excuse for “cleansing” German society of people who posed a biological threat to health, Nazi doctors conducted a series of scientific experiments. Many of these experiments were conducted on prisoners of war and civilians from countries occupied by Nazi Germany during World War II. Despite the lack of consent and the inhumane conditions … Read more

IMSS Jalisco: The Institute Says Transplantation Medicine Comes From Established Suppliers

The Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) clarified that: the drug tacrolimus, produced by the RAAM lab, was purchased from established suppliers that meet the corresponding sanitary requirements to present goods to the Institute at the national level, as established by law. In a statement, he also specified that all patients who received the drug … Read more