David Martínez, the Global Combat Champion who studies medicine

David Martínez, current Global Combat Bantamweight World Champion. | Photo: Courtesy of Scott Hirano/Global Combat Miguel David Martinez Aceves He is a man of challenges, but his provision is above all. At 24 he is the Bantamweight Champion from Global StruggleSpanish company mixed martial arts. Moreover, he built up an unblemished legacy in the kickboxing … Read more

They have invested $1.3 million to have the first robotic dairy with a unique function in the country

With a threefold purpose of producing and marketing milk; act as a demonstration dairy so that interested producers can visit and get to know the technology used, while also making visible sustainable milk production on an economic, social and environmental level, the Argentine company North will invest a total of $1.3 million in the facility … Read more

North Korea fires its sixth projectile near Japan | The UN Security Council is divided over the possibility of sanctions against North Korea

North Korea shot this thursday two ballistic missiles and assured that his recent weapons tests They are retaliatory measures. for military exercises United States and South Korea. In turn, this Thursday, 12 North Korean military aircraft flew in formation in an apparent exercise, the South Korean Armed Forces reported, announcing the relocation of 30 fighters … Read more

This would be Citroën’s eventual medium pickup

A few days ago we told you that Peugeot is preparing for the landing of the new Landtrek in Argentina. It’s about the retrieval median of the mark of the lion which is based on the It is called F70 by Changan group. Although it has not been officially announced, it is expected to arrive … Read more

“You have nothing to live on.” His mother didn’t want him to go to medical school, but he challenged her and a series of happy events proved him right.

>THE NATION>lifestyle October 7, 202200:07 “I’ve never won a lottery, but I’ve always been lucky with the important things,” says Laura Maffei, an endocrinologist and director of the medical center that bears her last name, remembering her mother crying inconsolably the day she announced her parents she was going to study medicine. “That race is … Read more

4 key factors that will put pressure on the parallel

The dollar blue It has been in a downtrend for the past two days and, after reaching $290 by the end of September, it dropped to $284 early this month and then to $282. However, it is known to be a highly volatile market That: tends to respond to economic and political movements Abruptly. That’s … Read more

Renault plans an investment of 300 million euros to produce a new pick-up in Argentina

A investment of 300 million euros could benefit the historic factory in Santa Isabel, Córdoba. over there, Renault plans to produce new generation of the Orocha compact pickup that was imported from Brazil until now. The potential payout was unveiled by the nation’s Minister of Industry and Production Development, José De Mendiguren, at the 14th … Read more